Anonymous: Message to United States Citizens [CISPA]


Greetings citizens of the United States.

We are Anonymous.

Thursday, April 26th, the United States House, in a rushed vote, passed the HR 3523, also known as CISPA.

Dubbed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, it allows the United States to collect information about users of the internet. It allows the United States to monitor all activity on the net and can be used to monitor any individual’s internet usage. This monitoring is called deep packet inspection, it looks through everything that is going in and out of your computer, which is a blatant violation of our rights to privacy.
Looking through your mail is a crime for a postman, these rules should apply to the internet too.

The bill’s intent is to help stop cyber attacks… However; the vague wording of the bill could allow the government to use this new power to go behind privacy protection and monitor, censor, and cut off online communication.

President Obama has already stated that he will veto the bill, but this is also what was said about NDAA.

Together, we can stop this act. The time to take action is now. We have defeated previous attempts to censor our only platform of true honest communication, the internet. SOPA was only the beginning.

Sign petitions, call your congressmen, and kill this act in the senate.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
CISPA, Expect us.

We Are Woman March On Washington

We Are Woman March on Washington, D.C. Planned for September

The ‘Unite Against the War on Women‘ marches will still be held in each state and many local areas on April 28th. This includes a march on D.C. organized by a local D.C. group. The ‘We Are Woman‘ March on Washington, D.C. is currently in the planning stages. We’ve decided to announce the official date after we have secured the permit. It will be sometime in September. We want all of our sisters and brothers to be able attend so it will not be held on the weekend of Rosh Hashanah. read more…

Upcoming Classes and Events: Common Ground Organic Garden Supply

Upcoming Classes and Events

Healthy Organic Garden

Growing a Healthy Organic Garden

Classes do sell out!

Register early by clicking on the registration link, or calling Common Ground at 650 493-6072, then sending a check for the full amount to Common Ground, 559 College Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Seniors and low-income persons may request a $4 discount on classes.

Nancy Garrison
Saturday, March 17, 2012
10:30 – 12:30
To register click Growing Great Tomatoes or call 650-493-6072
Healthy Organic Tomatoes
Learn which tomatoes have really great flavor and reliable production and are able to hold up under regular garden conditions. You will learn excellent trellising methods, soil preparation, what NOT to do, and how to avoid the brown crispy foliage blues so a bountiful harvest will be yours until frost. Tomatoes featured are the result of Nancy’s 25 years of hands-on tomato research.
As the University of California Cooperative Extension Past Farm Advisor and Past Master Gardener Program Coordinator, Nancy continues to learn from the annual Master Gardener’s tomato variety evaluations.
Save time after class for Nancy’s popular Common Ground Center tour covering her favorite products.

Upcoming Classes and Events: Common Ground Organic Garden Supply.

Doo-Occupy! Bail Out America Trainings & Actions March 31 thru April 3 in DC

Visit to learn more and register for the Doo-Occupy, Bail Out America trainings and actions that will take place in Washington, DC from Friday night March 30 through Tuesday, April 3.
Join us – Be part of it – it is going to be EPIC!

Make donations to support this bold initiative at

This music video was created as part of the Doo-Occupy, Bail Out America project, a collaboration instigated by the Backbone Campaign ( to spread best practices in community organizing for eviction protection, student debt relief and other economic democracy causes – and combine them with the strategic thinking and the hottest tactical tools used by Backbone Campaign and others.

Our hope is to provide focus and capacity to the emerging populist uprising. We wish to help amplify its power through inspiring movement-building campaigns that are rooted in communities and deliver victories that make a material difference in people’s lives.

Through this we will grow our movement from the power we have to the power we need to transform society and establish a new social contract based not on citizenship or property, but on universal human rights.

The Doo-Occupy, Bail Out America 2 Days of Training, 2 Days of Action in DC, March 31-April 3 is an intensive “Learning by Doing” action training that will deliver organizing and tactical tools to take home, as well as the experience of participating in a couple of the most fun and savvy actions Backbone has ever undertaken. Thanks to all our allies for joining the fun.

Check out our Podcasts and Organizer Resources:
Bail Out America – Occupy Our Homes…
Student Debt Jubilee – Why Higher Education Ought to be Free…

Occupy Your Lawns Day – March 20, 2012 – Spring Equinox | Occupy Monsanto

The history of the lawn is distinctly of the 1%. It is also a terribly destructive practice in regards to biodiversity, pollution, rainwater absorption, pesticide and herbicide application, and more. The concept upon which the modern day lawn is based on a practice that began among the English elite as a way to flaunt their wealth by demonstrating their ability to “waste” their property by having inedible ornamental gardens (much of which was highly maintained grass, as you may have guessed) instead of using it for growing fruits and vegetables as the common people had to out of need. Make this day a day to be remembered by tearing up a section of your lawn and planting some of your own favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If possible, use a spot that is visible to the public to help encourage others to do the same. Invite your friends, make it an event going from house to house as a group transforming the neighborhood.

Occupy Your Lawns Day – March 20, 2012 – Spring Equinox | Occupy Monsanto.