This past week I have added a few milestones to my life. The major milestone was the high school graduation of my daughter Alexis. I can still vividly  remember her first day of pre-school. Her tiny face anxious to leave me, but eager to join the other children in the brightly decorated classroom. Now in a couple of months she will be off to college. The anxious little face will be replaced by a beautiful excited smile.  Another milestone was being able to sit with my husband, best friend and most of all, my two sisters who each flew in to celebrate with us. It had been a number of years since we have all been together. The milestone was seeing our differences and also our similarities. It was a very busy week with sightseeing, dining out, a small unplanned wedding which was the best wedding my sister said she had ever attended, and talking about our past.  My daughter also went with her aunt to get tattoos. They are tasteful and a memory they will always share. It was a wonderful week, but now I feel a sence of sadness. Hopefully it will not be so many years until we see each other again. Family is too important to miss out on.

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