Matt Taibbi’s Sold American

Seniors for a Democratic Society

In Griftopia—another must-read for anyone wishing to understand the roots of the Occupy movement—Matt Taibbi takes us through the corruption of our government from the Age of Reagan on, from the rule-bending of the savings-and-loan collapse to the real-estate bubble, commodities speculation, and the near destruction of the world economy. As he notes, this is how the puppet masters of our banks and speculators “have stripped the last meat off the bones of American prosperity”—to the point where we’re having to sell off parking meters and turnpikes to foreign investors to make ends meet.

We’ve noted herein through the writings of Greg Palast how the “New World Order,” in the guise of the IMF and WTO, has bought and sold the Third World, and in Griftopia we see that the process is well under way in this country. Taibbi quotes an acquaintance who worked at the “derivatives desk of…

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