Onward White Christian Terrorists

More domestic terror by White Christian Terrorists. This is America’s Christian version of the Taliban. They are an extremely misguided, paranoid, delusional group of people. They have no true spirituality or faith in their God, only hatred in their hearts. I have been a clinic defender and know first hand how hatful and dangerous these people really are. I guess that’s why it surprises me how they have arrested hundreds of peaceful OWS protesters in the last year, but they continue to do nothing about real terrorist hate groups. I have nothing against religion. I think people should be free to worship whatever God they so choose, or not choose to worship. I don’t think however that Christian or any other religious laws should govern over the people of a nation that boosts about freedom of religion.

In yet another act of domestic terror against a family planning facility, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin was fire-bombed recently. The attack comes on the heels of the bombing of a Pensacola, Florida, clinic in January.

Although no one was injured in the attack, the fascist demonization of Planned Parenthood by inciters like Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney continues to put women’s lives in the line of fire; in an era of vanishing clinics and mounting violence.

In honor of Abortion Providers’ Day last month I visited a family planning clinic after participating in an abortion rights protest. The head doctor on staff lamented how few of his colleagues had been trained to perform abortions. Volunteer patient escorts helped protect the tucked-away strip mall facility from violent interlopers. The scene was a vivid reminder of the atrocity of the assassination of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller in 2009. Tiller was murdered in cold blood in his church by former Montana Freemen and Army of God member Scott Roeder, who said he was just following God’s law. At Tiller’s funeral, anti-abortion protesters wielded signs proclaiming “God sent the shooter.” His murder was the culmination of years of attempted murders, death threats, bombings, and arson attacks waged against abortion providers by white Christian terrorists. While law-abiding Muslim Americans continue to be profiled and surveyed, white Christian terrorists are handled cautiously. Read more…

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