Federal agents raid Oaksterdam University

This really burns my biscuits. They came in pushed people around in walkers and wheelchairs, busted down doors and trashed the place like a bunch of thugs and mobsters. Is this how the federal pigs waste the American people’s tax dollars? These raids will not get rid of marijuana in California, it will only push it underground and back into the hands of the drug cartels. Maybe they are working with the cartels and this is another federal stimulus package. The drug cartels are the only ones to benefit from such actions taken against the citizens of California. Whether you agree or disagree, the people of California voted to approve the use of Medical Marijuana, enough said. The bottom line is the 1% doesn’t like it in the hands of the people, they want to control the industry. If they really wanted to address America’s drug problem they would go after the real drug cartel in America…the pharmaceutical companies. We have become a nation of greedy fascists pigs…oink…oink.


Stop the medical marijuana raids!

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