Rescued Baby Sea Otter

Otter 501, a southern sea otter pup, was found on the central California coast June 10th, 2010. She was only a few days old and without human help her chance of survival was slim. Luckily, she was rescued and cared for by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation program. We at Sea Studios were lucky to have had the chance to film this incredible process and are creating a feature film, “Otter 501”, based on her experience.

The crew of “Otter 501” spent long hours filming 501 and other wild otters in Elkhorn Slough and we recognized how important this haven is to sea otters. However, we also saw that the Slough has many human visitors – kayakers, fishermen, wildlife enthusiasts – and many of them are not aware of their impact on sea otters and other wildlife. Due to sea otters’ incredibly high energy demands, they are especially vulnerable to human disturbances. As a welcome gift to our friend 501 we want to keep her, and the other animals she lives among, safe from these stressful and costly disturbances. There is one location in particular, the Jetty Road area, where we often saw humans disturbing sea otters. The funds from this project will go to create a permanent sign at that location. This sign, and any others we are able to fund in the Elkhorn Slough area, will show visitors how unique and important sea otters are and how to observe all wild animals respectfully.

Visit our Facebook page to help keep Elkhorn Slough a safe place for sea otters.

2 responses to “Rescued Baby Sea Otter

  1. I really enjoyed this!!! Otters are really awesome. I was watching PBS and they explained how the sea otters anchor themelves with seaweed while sleeping so they do not float away.

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