Earth Hour: too little too late

Contrary to popular belief, “little things” can’t change the world. Many scientists believe that Planet Earth could already be past the point where human activity is the prime mover of climate change. Evidence is trickling in that we are nearing the point where further change in the Earth’s climate could continue even without human activity contributing to it. In short, it is possible that even if humans were to disappear from the face of the planet today, the trajectory of change in weather patterns that humans initiated has already been set. Continue reading»»»

One response to “Earth Hour: too little too late

  1. I read this and even through I have known what is happening to our planet, for years this just confirms what I already knew. It saddens me to know that all those little first graders that I saw the other night that were singing such happy songs that their future is not going to be what I knew growing up. So Sad to think that we have almost totally destroyed our very existence and those of every other species on this planet. May all the children of tomorrow forgive us.

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