“When the Skeletons come out!”

We all have skeletons in our family closets. We all have some degree of disfunction in our families also! And like my sister, I have just now started to feel comfortable with myself. Are those pesky

skeletons making their way in to my life going to change that? Absolutely not.

As it turns out, my eighteen year old daughter has more information on these skeletons than any of us. Her informant decided to unload all of the secrets onto her. The two children kept a secret, the grandfathers ‘other’ child who was born at the same time as his other son, a family member drowning under questionable circumstances, the first husband  leaving a very young mother alone in an unfamiliar state, and the aftermath of those actiions on the children.

I can’t speak for my sisters, but I still have a lot of bitterness for many childhood memories, and can still picture the fights, (often physical) that I observed. But now that the skeletons have presented themselves, I have a better understanding of the  reason things happened. Because of these past events, family ties have been broken. Perhaps now they can begin to mend.

If you have skeletons, don’t keep them hidden, don’t run from them. Embrace them, learn from them, and  then let them free!

4 responses to ““When the Skeletons come out!”

  1. If most posted or let out those skeletons, people would go into hiding. I could write a novel that would sound like a Dean Koontz novel. LOL. But, better to get them all ouet so you can start living in the moment and quit living in the past.

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