Guess Who’s On Monsanto’s Board of Directors

It’s a big kick in the gut to reckon with corporate bullies most adept at leading us to believe that we are truly free to choose, that they don’t actually use every resource to benefit their bottom line, and that they really are concerned with our best interests. And multinational seed and chemical corporation, Monsanto, doesn’t mind if you have no choice. They believe they’ve got the tools to solve the world’s food, fuel and fiber problems with GMOs, and that’s all you need to know–not that nearly 80 percent of all processed foods sold in the U.S. contain unlabeled genetically modified organisms (most bearing Monsanto patents on corn, soy, canola and cotton), or that favors from industry groups, politicians and fellow corporations are paramount to the proliferation of Monsanto’s main seed: Corporate Greed. Think that’s about to change anytime soon? Not after you see who sits on Monsanto’s board of directors. Read more »»»

One response to “Guess Who’s On Monsanto’s Board of Directors

  1. This is vital information. I am copying a certain amount of text from your post and putting it onto my blog as an immediate post. I will give you clear credit and provide links back to your blog with credits. Any problems please let me know. Thanks for the great post. This is sensational stuff. It’s exactly the disturbing kind of news that is required to kick more people into action. By ACTION I mean civil disobedience. I believe Gandhi has given us the formula. If you sat these board members down and had a conversation with them, they would, in all likelihood and in most (if not all) cases tell you how they strongly believe they are acting in all of our best interests. The truth is that they tend to insulate themselves form having any kind of conversation that might open their minds a tiny crack to any alternate reality. Meanwhile what we have is a de-facto fascist state running the corporate agenda. Lies, deceit, control and brutality. Thanks again

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