Walking Dead Weekly (2011 Image) Reprint # 2 – 3

I love the TV seriesThe Walking Dead“, and am so looking forward to season #3. After the end of last season’s show I started reading and collecting the comic book series. I’ve not yet been able to get my hands on #1 in the first or second printing, and unfortunately find that’s the case for a lot of the older series. I can’t say that the comic books follow the show exactly but so far it’s very similar. I expect that will change at some point.

Walking Dead Weekly (2011 Image) Reprint #2

Rick Grime’s horrific adventure continues. Everything he knew is gone, and the search for his family begins. Rick sets out for Atlanta, the last known location of his wife and son. Cover price $2.99.

Walking Dead Weekly (2011 Image) Reprint #3

Now, reunited with his family Rick Grime’s focus shifts from survival to protection. It’s one thing to know that you have to watch your back every second of every day. It’s another thing entirely to have to worry about losing your family in the blink of an eye. Cover price $2.99.

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