The Weirdest Things Occupy Protesters Get Arrested For…

The Weirdest Things Occupy Protesters Get Arrested For by Adam Martin

Hello kiddies. So glad you could join me. I don’t know what these protesters are so worked up about? Some must still be under the illusion America is a free country. That they still have rights under the First Amendment. Don’t they know that in new Corporate America you’re not allowed to gather for peaceful protests against the Corporate States, or in some cases sit, have a beer and listen to some music on private property. They will only let you gather if you, come wrapped in the American flag, have tea bags hanging out of your ears, have a gun, want to end the People’s Government, have lots of misspelled signs with racist images towards other groups of people you really hate, or oppose the Corporate agenda to privatize America.

And why should any of these protesters have a voice? They are after all only American citizens. They are only the citizens who have had enough of this corrupt government that no longer serves it people, workers laid off from their jobs, farmers pushed off their land, small business owners pushed out by super corps, people who have lost their homes from foreclosure, students strapped with such debt they will spend the rest of their life trying to pay it off, teachers trying to save public schools to make sure everyone has opportunity to better their lives, veterans who fought in wars thinking they were keeping their country free, the homeless who haven’t anywhere else to go and are probably enjoying the company. You know, the ones discarded like animals when they get sick or there is no longer use for them. Silly, silly people why would any of you think you would have a voice in the New Corporate America. You lost that over thirty years ago with your own blind ignorance and greed. If the people want to restore anything they might have previously had in the way of freedom and liberty they will have to stay united and prepare for a long hard fight.

So remember all you kiddies in America the land of the unfree home of the brain-dead, if you wear a mask after Halloween, even if you are on private property the big bad Corporate Police Officers can come arrest you, and you’ll never see your mummies or daddies ever again.

2 responses to “The Weirdest Things Occupy Protesters Get Arrested For…

  1. your freedom has always been an illusion……nothing is new under the sun….the world is,was and always will be run by the money that pays and supplies the well trained ,disiplined armed forces……………america has even sold out its false illusion of freedom by deliberatly and willingly handing themselves over to the slavery of credit and defecit…………….


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