Too late to grow up now!

Hi, I’d like to start by telling you that I am 56 years old and have just gotten comfortable with who I am. What’s the old phrase, oh yeah, “I found myself” (that was a freaking long journey)!  That said,  there are wonderful things to enjoy at a mature age, especially if you’re a woman. We all know we get better and stronger with age, and I could say that I have started a so-called “Bucket List“, but I don’t like to put labels on things, and I don’t like lists.

The first thing I tried and totally enjoyed on my  spontaneous, not-at-all-thought-about “bucket list” was jumping out of an airplane (something I always fantasized about doing, but thought that it was the most insane act a person could voluntarily do for fun).  Here comes the plus of working with young adults at Starbucks who were planning a skydiving party (tandem of course) and would not take “no” for an answer. Skydiving is the most awesome experience and the place to go is  (Santa Cruz, CA). It was a totally awesome beach landing and I paid extra for pics and a video, but it was well worth it. If I ever have an extra $200, I will SOOO do it again!

More to follow on my newfound fun things to do.

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