SOPA and PIPA support collapses after protest

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SOPA and PIPA support collapses after protest.

It was truly amazing to see how quickly some of our so-called legislators decided to take another look at the bills before them yesterday. It’s always fun to watch them back stepping and stammering over themselves. Although it seemed like it was over before it really got started, my representative, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, posted this message on her face book page yesterday (“I don’t support SOPA. History is being made by the more than 10,000 websites that have chosen to boycott SOPA by participating in today’s blackout. Members of Congress need to hear about the consequences of SOPA, and when they do, they’ll learn of the serious consequences to the Internet the bill poses. It’s time to pull up the emergency brake on this legislation.”).

It really is OK to protect copyrights. Being an amateur photographer I have had my photographs used without permission on many occasions, and honestly, it kind of sucks that someone would do that. So, I can understand people’s frustrations with the old outdated laws now in place. Of course some of the problem lies in the fact the internet just moves at a faster pace than our legislation does. With our current legislators, (better known as clowns, crooks, or corporate mouthpieces) who only serve the corporations and the super rich; who seem to have little regard for people, animals, the environment, this country, that country or anyone’s interest besides their own and their corporate masters; who seem to do the bidding of their masters very well with lots of smoke and mirrors, tossed in with a little fear, and a lot of  hateful rhetoric and lies to keep us divided. Meanwhile as we bicker among ourselves about nonsensical blather, they’re moving our industries and jobs offshore to other countries. To make sure we have no voice to fight back, they attempt to change our laws to suit their needs and strip us of our freedoms and liberties one by one under the disguise of terrorism. It seems their biggest job is to make sure no one is held accountable or goes to jail for their actions and/or crimes they have committed. As they say “follow the money and you’ll find the rat”.

I think the most important thing for everyone to understand is that it’s not OK to kill the free internet.

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